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Historic Downtown Gettysburg, PA

First of all, I’m sorry it took me a while to publish this post. The internet at our apartment was down earlier this week.

Our hotel was in the historic district of Gettysburg, within walking distance of a multitude of souvenir shops and restaurants.

Gettysburg Public Library
After we came back from the battlefield we decided to take a walk and see what the town had to offer. At home we had decided that we wanted to have dinner at the Dobbin House (89 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA 17325, which is a historic tavern and inn with a little gift shop from 1776. We had seen some high school students having their prom pictures taken around the battlefield and it seemed like the prom was taking place at the Dobbin House so we couldn’t eat there. While we walked there we overheard someone recommending the O’Rorke’s Family Eatery (44 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA 17325, to other tourists and since it was right across the street we decided to go there. The restaurant seemed very crowded but we got a table right away since we didn’t insist on a table outside. The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere and some Irish live music at night.
John and I shared a Crab Dip as an appetizer. The crab dip came in a bread bowl and with Nacho chips. It really tasted great. As an entrée I had a New York Strip steak, salad and fries. The salad came early so I was finished with it before the steak arrived. The steak was huge and I couldn’t eat much more than half of it but it tasted amazing. I didn’t even touch the fries because the steak was just too much.
We decided not to have any dessert at the restaurant because we were so full but on the street we came across an ice cream and candy shop called Kilwin’streats at Kilwins (37 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA 17325,, a chain I’ve been to before in Clearwater, Florida, only I didn’t realize that until later. I had my favorite type of ice cream, Cookies and Cream. It was delicious but it was really a lot again and I couldn’t finish it. While eating the ice cream we walked from Steinwehr Avenue to Lincoln Square,Gettysburg along stores, restaurants and hotels, and as the sun set we saw a lot of ghost tours walking in the streets. Our hotel, the Farnsworth House (401 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325,, offers ghost tours and a tour around the haunted basement of the original Farnsworth House. We didn’t do any ghost tours though because we were so exhausted from the day but they seemed fun from afar: Tour guides were dressed in historic clothes and carrying old fashioned lanterns telling stories about ghosts (probably soldiers from the battle) that are haunting the city.

The next morning we walked around town a bit more and did some souvenir shopping. The souvenir shops were set up in historic houses around town and it was really interesting to just stroll through them.
Jennie Wade House; GettysburgWe also went to the Jennie Wade House (548 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325, but didn’t go inside even though we had planned to when we were still at home but we had so much input the day before – especially me because I had never been there before.
After our stroll around town, John and I had lunch at the patio of our hotel. It’s a nice setting to sit in the garden and our waitress was dressed in period clothing. The food was great. We had flatbread with cream cheese and cranberry chutney with grapes and oranges, which was all delicious. As an entrée John and I both had a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of potato chips which tasted great, too.
After lunch we hit the road homebound.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Downtown Gettysburg, PA

  1. Kristina

    Hey meine süße maus…finde es immer wieder richtig toll deine Sachen hier zu lesen :-)
    es is alles wirklich so wundervoll beschrieben und erklärt das man meint man wäre selber dort und das sogar ich verstehe was du schreibst das soll schon was heißen 😀
    mach also weiter so und lass uns weiterhin so wundervoll an deinem neuen leben teilhaben. Liebe und vermisse dich…

    deine kristina

  2. Mariam

    It’s nice to see so many charmin’ barns! Some look quite maisetjc – others, well, a bit decrepit. But every barn tells a story. Your barn, for example, was on a farm owned by a Lutheran (Missouri Synod) clergyman who served a wee church nearby with not enough members so he had to farm to make a living. He was old and bald and kinda fat when he moved to Missouri from Germany, thus in just a few years his health gave out and he could no longer chase the youngsters who stole the Communion wine. The worst of it was that he lost his voice so he couldn’t yell at his congregation about the devil gettin’ them. (The congregation kinda liked that!)Then, one day, milking a cow in this ol’ barn, he fell off the 3-legged stool, landed on a black cat who screeched so loud the old pastor leaped up only to fall back down landing with his head in the milk pail, where he drowned.The cat drank all the milk and went to sleep under the cow. When the pastor was discovered with his head in a pail of milk and the black cat sleeping next to him under the cow, they immediately blamed the cat saying it was the devil! The chased the cat out of the barn and into the woods. But they never caught it.Some people say that cat is still hanging around this barn. Did you see any old black cats who looked like they got sat on by an old Lutheran pastor?

    1. Anna Post author

      That’s quite an interesting story :)
      Even though we stayed in a haunted hotel we neither saw any old black cats who looked like they got sat on by an old Lutheran pastor nor any ghosts of Civil War soldiers.

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